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Syflex is integrated in C4D as a deformer.
It allows to animate cloth type objects but also many types of soft bodies.
It computes the motion of the cloth by applying on it forces, constraints and collisions.
The process of animating a cloth is fairly simple:
 - Apply the syflex deformer on a mesh object.
 - Then apply gravity, damping, add collisions with the body of the character.
 - Then press the "play" button to see the animation.
Syflex implements an extremely fast and accurate solver. It gives all the necessary controls to easily animate any material: cotton, silk, denim or leather. Its perfectly stable algorithm lets you animate characters performing any slow or fast action: walking, running, dancing, jumping ... It can also be used for soft bodies like tires, balloons or masks.
Syflex in CINEMA 4D also has a sewing force that allows to easily create clothes from 2D patterns.

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SupportCinema 4D R17-R23
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