Caleidos4D Arch01 v3.00

Arch-01是一个建模工具集,允许用户使用经典的CAD(如精度和工作流程)在Cinema 4D中绘制几何图形。

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Arch-01是一个建模工具集,允许用户使用经典的CAD(如精度和工作流程)在Cinema 4D中绘制几何图形。 Arch-01包含:6个主要工具+ 7个辅助工具+ Arch-01 Manager主要工具1 –绘制线/弧2 –绘制圆3 –绘制正方形4 –精密移动器5 –表面对齐器6 –对象尺寸次要工具7 –制作多边形8 –神剑9 –切割多边形10 –复制多边形11 –粘贴多边形12 –克隆多边形13 –通过Arch-01管理器对iSolaEach工具进行通用设置。使用Arch-01,您可以拖拉工具-将线性样条线绘制为CAD精度(如CAD)-将弧形样条线绘制为CAD如精度-将圆形样条线绘制为CAD如精度-将矩形样条像CAD一样绘制为precisionPosition工具-将对象像经典CAD一样精确地从点到点移动对象-将对象或对象副本放置在多边形法线上-用Instanze建模工具替换对象-用样条线制作多边形-用样条线切割多边形-剪切选择多边形-复制选择多边形-粘贴选择多边形-克隆选择多边形-隔离选择对象测量工具-实时获取2点之间的距离-获取实时长度样条-实时从选择多边形中获取面积-实时添加参数对象以获取报价(距离,高度,角度)

Arch-01 is a modeling toolset that allows the user to draw geometry inside Cinema 4D with classic CAD like precision and workflow. Arch-01 contains: 6 Main Tools + 7 Minor Tools + Arch-01 ManagerMain Tools1 – Draw Line/Arc2 – Draw Circle3 – Draw Square4 – Precision Mover5 – Surface Aligner6 – Object DimensionMinor Tools7 – Make Polygons8 – Excalibur9 – Cut Polygons10 – Copy Polygons11 – Paste Polygons12 – Clone Polygons13 – iSolaEach Tool is controlled for common settingby the Arch-01 ManagerWith Arch-01 you canrawing Tools- Draw Linear Spline as CAD like precision- Draw Arc Spline as CAD like precision- Draw Circular Spline as CAD like precision- Draw Rectangle Spline as CAD like precisionPosition Tools- Move an object from point to point as classic CAD like precision- Place an object or object copy on polygons normal- Replace objects with Instanze Modeling Tools- Make a Polygon from Spline- Cut a Polygon with Spline- Cut selection Polygons- Copy selection Polygons- Paste selection Polygons- Clone selection Polygons- Isolate the selection Objects Measurement Tools- Get Distance between 2 points in real Time - Get Length Spline in Real Time- Get Area from Selection Polygons in Real Time- Add Parametric Objects for quote (distance, altimetric, angular) in real Time


Cinema 4D


Only for study and research use, it is recommended to use after purchase to protect your rights.
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